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April, 2018
News From Dave Dubeau

April is here and Spring is kind of here (at least out West…the folks in the East aren’t so lucky)!  This month I’m spending a lot of time with new clients from my recent speaking events out in Burlington, ON with the Southern Ontario Real Estate Investment Training Club (SO REIT).  I’m also very excited because lovely Miss Max and I are tying the knot in Vegas baby!  It’s the second time around for both of us, so we decided to ‘sort-of’ elope and get hitched without a lot of fan-fare.  I’m thrilled to be with this amazing lady, she makes my life so much more complete than it was before.  So wish us luck!


About the month of April:
April is the fourth month of the year in the Gregorian calendar, the fifth in the early Julian and one of four months with a length of 30 days.  April is commonly associated with the season of spring in the Northern hemisphere and autumn in the Southern hemisphere, where it is the seasonal equivalent to October in the Northern hemisphere and vice versa. April is the second rainiest month of the year (after July).

Quote of the Month 
“If you’re not going to put your money in real estate, where else.”
– Tamir Sapir
A Laugh or Two For Good Measure!
I was in a restaurant once and I suddenly realized I desperately needed to pass gas. The music was really, really loud, so I timed my reliefs to the beat of the music. After just a few songs I started to feel better. I finished my coffee, and noticed that everybody was staring at me… That was when I remembered I was listening to my iPod.
Helpful Life Hacks & Cartoon of The Month


         One of the reasons I like real estate as an investment (as opposed to mutual funds, stocks, bonds, GIC’s, etc.) is that it is something that I can exercise much more CONTROL over.  When buying a revenue property, I can choose the market I want to invest in (right down to the neighborhood, or even the street I want to buy in).  I can choose the type of property I want to buy (i.e. single family home, multi-family property, etc.).  I choose the condition of the property I want to buy.  I have some control over how much I pay for the property (prices and/or terms are negotiable).  I then choose what I want to do with the property once I own it.  While I own it, I exercise control over how the property is managed and maintained.  And last, but not least, I can choose from a variety of different exit strategies when I am ready to sell it.  With traditional investments, the only control you exercise is when you buy and when you sell.
About Dave Dubeau:

Dave Dubeau is a real estate entrepreneur, best-selling author, and educator.
Dave has been investing since 1998, and he currently focuses on investing in multi-family properties, especially apartment buildings. 

If you would like to find out more about how to get an above average return on your money, backed by a solid asset (real property), and without the hassles of being a land-lord – please contact Dave for a no-obligation conversation.

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